Saturday, April 12, 2014

LG ROCKS, Literally!

Awhile ago, I pick up LG from school, same as usual, when we proceed to have this strange conversation.

LG: hey mom, wouldn't it be funny if there was a rock in my ear?
ME: ugh no.  it wouldn't be cool, it could cause you real problems.


ME: is there a rock in your ear?
LG: no


LG: I was just tricking you mom.  
ME: no honey it wouldn't be funny.  your ear could actually start growing around it and you'd get sick and made even loose your hearing or have to have surgery, etc, etc.


ME: is there a rock in your ear?  I seriously need to know. 


LG: yes. yes, there's a rock in my ear. I tried to get it out but it kept going back and back.  I was putting rocks in my ears on the playground then being funny and they would fall out. like I had rocks in my head. But this one didn't fall out. 

So we got home and true enough there was a pebble in his ear.  I tried and tried but couldn't get it.  
The next morning we were off to the pediatrician and they had no luck.  
So then later that afternoon we ended up here at the ENT, who is the same one who took his tonsils out. 

He got the little pebble out and he was all good.  
Oh this boy! If only there was such a thing as a rock fairy! 

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