Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Day 2

Yes, I am a little behind in blogging.  
Yes, I have been very busy. 

Woke up on day 2 to 4" of snow and the temp was in the 30s but rising quickly.  Buddy was the first of out the cabin to play basketball with his soccer ball.   Unfortunately the net was froze solid, so he had to get a big stick to unlodge his ball.  It was pretty funny watching through the kitchen window. 

 Meanwhile, Babe helped the Man rig up the fishing poles. 

LG wanted to go play on our little deck over looking the river, but because we hadn't packed winter boots, I needed the snow gone. So I gave him the dust pan from the cabin and had him shovel snow.  

 I had to finish the job, but he did about half of it. 

The coolest thing was him discovering that the snow would stick to the cold tree.  

Artsy photo looking up… just because.  

Finally the temp got up to about 50 and the snow was quickly melting, so the Man took all the boys down to the river to catch supper.  

We are really in love with the White River.  

I managed to find a hat for LG in the truck and put them in many layers for a day of fishing from the bank.  

Babe really didn't last that long.  Maybe a half hour, then he was done.  

So with that snow we cleared from the deck, we put it on the tree and made a snowman. But it turned out to be more of a grinch with the melting snow.  

LG with his catch.. 2 rainbow trout.  3 more and we had supper.  

In the meantime for lunch, which we went to walmart (about 10 miles away in this super tiny town) we let the boys each pick out a thing of chips.  A real treat for them.  LG then proceeded to create the "funinglo", equal parts funyons, pringles and cheetos.  ha! 

Selfie of M.E. 
Happy Spring Break! 

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