Friday, April 11, 2014

The Rest of Spring Break

The rest of our spring break was spent at Mamaw and Papaw's.   
Only left the house twice. too eat and do taxes. 

 First time was to go out to eat at a very local mom and pop restaurant/hunting shop. 
Babe was so tired from playing all day and eating his big supper that he fell asleep right at the table.  So funny. 

Papaw came home from the hospital only after one night and had a few complications. He wasn't feeling very well at all.  The boys then spent their days and nights over at Aunt Cream's house only visiting Papaw when he was up for it. 

The traditional porch swing photo.  

Ready for another flash back. 

Check this out….. circa 2010

Oh My Stars…. right!?

Speaking of babies, check out this cutie. 
This is my new grand niece whose 3 months! So super precious. 

And because Aunt Cream is so cool, she and Sman did Easter eggs with the boys a whole month early. Babe seriously didn't want to leave and told us to go on home without him and I honestly think he would have stayed too! 

It was really said for M.E. to leave this time.  
Papaw still wasn't feeling very well and it was just too short of a trip. 

On the road, I had to take another photo of the coke machine graveyard in Mountain View, AR.  Just cracks M.E. up every. single. time.  

And then just like that… REALITY! 

P.S.  Papaw is doing much better and actually out and about.  Thanks for all the prayers! 

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