Friday, June 6, 2014


So excited to be in Kentucky for the first part of summer vacation.   It has been very low key and I've only left the farm once to go to the Dollar Store - just because.  
Here's some snapshots of our days.  
There has been lots of swimming...
Babe can actually touch the bottom of the pool with his head above the water level. This has competely changed his life.  He is now without life jacket and does a fabulous job of playing with his brothers and cousins and he is even pretty great at holding his breathe and going under.  He is having a blast.  

There has been swinging in the porch swing...

Babe even flipped himself out of the swing and landed in the front yard.  Scared me really bad but he seemed to be fine and hasn't complained of any head injuries.  Geez. 

There was a small celebration for Aunt Cream's birthday! 

How many people does it take to cut a cake?  Ha! 

There has been fireworks every evening...
Mostly before dark, the boys love catching these parachutes and running through smoke bombs. 
 Boys + Smoke Bombs = Fun! 

There has been lots of ice cream...

We are about to finish gallon number 2, my guess is we will go through 5 gallons before the trip is over. 

There has been wonders of Mother Nature...
Tornado warning on this storm.  Luckily it went south of us. Whew! 

Baby grapes on the grape vine that was planted by my great grandfather over 100 years ago. So awesome to walk past it multiple times a day between my parent's and Aunt Cream's houses. 

And of course, there has been lots of summer selfies! 

Yay Summer! 

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