Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Great Smoky Mountains

We were fortunate enough to take a side trip while in Kentucky down to The mountains.   
We got up early this morning and made our way to Clingman's Dome - the highest peak in the range.  
Unfortunately for us the peak was in the clouds.  
Buddy at the trailhead that goes to the observation deck on the said highest peak.  It was also only 55 degrees up there.  
LG at the trailhead.  
The hike was a half mile and very steep.  About 500 feet in elevation from start to finish.  Finally arriving at about 7,000 feet.   It wasn't easy on ole M.E.  But we made it. 
That's the observation deck. 
The boys on the deck.  Buddy was nervous with the height of the observation deck plus you could hardly see the ground and definitely no scenery. 
Back down in the valley, we were waiting for a trolley to take us into Gatlinburg to eat lunch. That's Buddy and LG climbing and getting dirty on the hillside.  
This planned 2 hour jaunt turned into a 3 hour adventure due to back up trolley's. Whew. Finally made it back to the hotel- hot and cranky!  Ha! 
Babe has been a hand-full but I've had lots of help from Uncle John and Uncle Brent. 
This evening was shopping at outlet malls. 
More fun tomorrow.   

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