Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 2

Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota 


On the way through South Dakota there is a couple hundred signs for Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota. We tallied our sightings and counted 72 signs from Sioux Falls.  Of course the boys wanted to go.  I neglected to take photos because there was about 10,000 people and keeping track of the Babe was hard enough! At least they can say they have been to Wall Drug! 

We later arrived at Sheridan Lake campground.  
We ate a quick supper and then off for Mount Rushmore. 

The cool thing about going there at night is a Lighting Ceremony.  It was really cool.  At 9, a Park Ranger talks about why Mount Ruahmore exsists and why the four presidents, then there's a 20 minute movie about the 4 presidents. Then they slowing shine gaint spot lights on the sculpture. And while its illuminated they honor all service men and women past and present that are there that night.  Pretty special tribute. 

The bigger boys LOVED Mount Rushmore! It is pretty special to see this image for your own eyes.  


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