Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 3

Day 3 started off a little chilly but so refreshing.  After breakfast we packed up everything and got back on the road. 

First stop was the Crazy Horse Monument.  Another favorite of the boys with a great history and story.  It will be awesome for the boys to come here years from now and see the progress. 

We had a 30 mile detour on a gravel road due to a wreck on the main road coming out of Hill City, so we only got to stop outside Devil's Tower. Did not take pictures with my phone but with the big camera.  I was really bummed the boys didn't get to run and play and see all the praire dogs here but we were an hour behind schedule from the gravel road and need to get on down the road.  

Rest area lunch. 
Oh how we love Wyoming.  So gorgeous.  We made camp at Leigh Creek campground in Ten Sleeps, Wyoming.    
Ten Sleeps got it's name because it's 10 nights from Casper and 10 nights from Cody traveling by wagon.  Love those fun facts.  
Leigh Creek at the bottom of this amazing canyon. 
View from the tent. 

Most amazing campsite ever.  I could have stayed many nights here.  
Unfortunately we had to move on and that the zipper busted on the tent. 


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