Saturday, May 2, 2015

The "Date"

Recently the Babe and Ben had an event at school from 6 PM to 10PM, allowing for parents a date night.   These events are RAD! 

So the Man and I decided to use this opportunity to do something special with Buddy.  
Something really special like take him and his friends to the movies.  

Friends being a girl friend. 


Once the plan was hatch, Buddy and the Man were so excited with the details.   
You would have thought it was the Man's first "date". hahaha

We wound up taking Buddy and one of his bestie's from his Saint Mary along with his girl and her friend. 

There was little chatter between them in the truck.  
Boys up front, girls in the back.  
They basically talked among themselves.  It was pretty comical. 

Yes, the girls have colored hair.  This was for a concert the next day.  Got to love it. 
the friend, the girl, Buddy and his friend. 

Not the greatest photo, but I didn't want them to know I was taking pictures with my phone.  

At the mall, we grabbed a quick bite to eat then headed to the movie.  They were so funny.   I absolutely enjoyed every second of it.  Not so sure the kids did, but nonetheless they were smiling. 

The movie was funny.  And then we headed home. 

I hope this is the first of many fun outings and I think I'm gonna love this new chapter. 


  1. Such a beautiful boy, I just wish that he may get well soon and start leading normal and hope your all worries goes away in no time.

  2. Thats really a funny thing. I hope you all have enjoyed the movie and dinner. Also the journey in truck. By the way i like the hair color of girls.