Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer's Over!


Willem's first day of Kindergarten. 

He was so excited and ready to be a big boy. 

First Day of Seventh Grade. 
Buddy loves school.  He actually he counting down the days until it started. 

First Day of Fourth. 
This guys is just so cool. 

He is so ready to start switching classes. 

Fourth, Kindergarten, and Seventh. 
Yikes, how is that possible. 

The backpack pic. 
Babe and Ben need new ones, badly. 

How cool are they. and the early morning light was awesome. 

Off he goes. 
He thought it best if I didn't follow him to the middle school. 

The Man and I took Ben and Babe in. 

At open house on Sunday, Babe was super excited until he got there then he totally baulk and didn't want anything to do with it. We practically made him go in and meet his teachers, etc.  
He was near tears.  And so was I. 

But this morning, it was totally different. He knew what to expect. 

Several hugs for Daddy during the transition to the classroom.  
This is in the K/1st commons area. It's a reading platform with three levels.  Seriously awesome. 

Finally got him in and to work on some lego creations.  After that he was like see ya. 

One last visit with Ben before classes started.  He's super excited about being bigger and switching class from side to side of the 4/5 wing.  

And now they are all gone everyday and I'm home alone and it's soooooo quiet.  
But I have about 10 years of scrapbooking to do, and a stash ready to be used, so here's to the new school year! 

Go Boys, Go!