Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little Guy trys to redecorate!

After our wonderful outing on Sunday, the boys have been really rejuvenated and all-around good kids. We've really have had a great couple of days. Today, Buddy actually got out his homework folder and started working. I'm so proud. 1st grade is only a month away.

As Buddy joined M.E. in the kitchen to prepare some lunch, Little Guy got into the school supply box. YES, he made a mess. And you are probably thinking crayon colored walks, but you'd be wrong. How about glue covered floors?

I like the fact that he has a small napkin, realizing that this is a mess needing to be cleaned up.

Later today, I come in the kitchen to find this on the floor.

This is pink chalk that I have no idea where he got it. This line goes across the kitchen through the foyer, down the hall and stops at the extra bedroom. Apparently he wants to redo the floors or he knows messing up the floors is a lot easier to clean than walls. I'm not sure. But I needed to steam mop anyway, so now my floors are clean.

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  1. I was totally laughing at this post! Kathy