Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day of PreSchool

First Day of PreSchool for Little Guy!

He was such a big guy walking into school. He has visited the playroom several times during church and he was in his classroom during vacation bible school, so he pretty much knew where he was going and what was up.

Here he is outside his classroom and yes, that's toothpaste on his shirt. He refused to change, so there we have it. His class is called FISH! It was only a half-day today, so the Man and I got to pick him up after lunch. He seemed to be happy and said he would be going back on Friday. He's too cute!

I would also like to recap yesterday. Buddy liked 1st Grade. He was please that it wasn't too much different from kindergarten but challenging enough to be considered a big boy.

Here's what I found in his back pack, which helps explain the strange spreadsheet, I talked about the other day.
I'm not sure who got the two touchdowns but both teams apparently missed their extra points. Here's another...
I think it's safe to say Buddy has sports on the brain.
Also in his backpack was a letter from the teacher going over the basics and it stated they would be having quiet rest time in 1st grade too and if students wanted to bring a pillow for their desk, they could.
Therefore, I present Buddy's pillowcase. I made it from the scraps of LG's pillow and trimmed it in blue for a Seahawk vibe. What'd ya think?
I might just have to get some sort of patch or iron-on transfer of the Seahawk logo to just set it off!

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  1. The question many tears did Mom shed after dropping LG to his first day of preschool?