Saturday, August 1, 2009

Their staying another day....

With rain in the area and forecasted for their drive home the fam decided to stay one more day. Yeah! So we headed up north for a monster breakfast. Here M.E. and Cream outside the restaurant.

Here's Uncle and the kids, check out Buddy with his newspaper under his arm and toothpick in his mouth, you'd think he was 60 not 6.

After breakfast we headed back to the house to play several rounds of cornhole. Loved it! First Buddy & Aunt Cream played Uncle & Sman.

Buddy & Aunt Cream won! Then the Man & Sman took on Uncle & Buddy.

Papaw and LG had fun watching and cheering.

We finally got Papaw up for a couple of games.

Check out Cream's form... now I know where Buddy gets that leg kick.

Papaw had a shadow all day.

I'm afraid LG is really going to be upset tomorrow when the family does leave. Tonight we went for pizza and had a good visit. It was such a great surprise for them to visit us. I miss them.

Sorry for fuzzy pics, I was trying to crop out some of the background distraction and it made the pics pixelly.

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