Monday, February 8, 2010


We are again under a Winter Storm Warning.
This winter in OK has been completely different from last year and so exciting. At 10AM, here's the backyard.  It just started to stick within the last half hour.

I'll keep you posted on that as well as this....

Buddy woke up around 1AM with a stomach ache and immediately began vomiting.  He and I made a nest on the couch for the duration of the night, so we were on hard floors instead of carpet, but bless his heart, he managed to stay on the towels or make it to the bathroom each time. 
It was a long night for us.

Currently he is home from school and eating some apple sauce, I'm hoping it stays down. I took LG to school because he had his art project to turn in and he was bugging the fire out of Buddy this morning.  But I'll likely be going right back to school, once this snow starts sticking to the roads. 
Fun times with the Adventures of Mommyhood.

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