Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oops! I didn't keep you posted!

So after I posted that pic Monday of the snow coming down and the yard getting deeper, it managed to pile up about an inch and a half. 
Then it stopped.
Started drizzling and melted everything.  They said it would start up again, but it never did. A bit of a bummer really.

Buddy tried hard all day Monday to feel better, but he was just so weak from lack of food and sleep that he laid around most of the day. He did manage to get up easily on Tuesday and go to school as well as today. 

Pretty much all is normal around here.
We have spent the last two afternoons working on the boys Valentines for their class parties, and I must say they turned out wonderful.

LG's Valentines (unfortunately he did not want any part of helping M.E. with these)
 I thought they turned out so cute, the little sucker flowers. But he did want to help eat the suckers.  I caught him in the corner of the scrapbook room with a handful of already licked suckers yesterday morning. He knew he shouldn't have done this, hence he wouldn't look at the camera.

Nice bed head, LG!

Here's Buddy's, which he designed and did everything himself, expect of the cutting - I did that on the cricut.  He has worked hard on them and only has about 5 more to go.  I'm so proud of him.

Yes, they are ORANGE.  He didn't want red or pink, and he said orange was the next best thing. So we have orange hearts with heart and star stickers we made.  He even taped all the suckers on, too!

Hope everyone in KY is staying warm, I think they've gotten a half a foot of snow back there. Wow!

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