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I did it! I've official posted 500 stories, tidbits and thoughts about our little family here in Oklahoma!  I thank everyone for their continue support and reading. I love it and love having you read!

If you leave a comment one this post, I'll be putting you into a hat and letting one of the boys draw a winner to win a gift card to Target!  woo-hoo!  So please enjoy and leave a comment.   Winner will be choosen next Wednesday!

After much thought and out of convenience I have put together a photo montage of every 500th picture in my digital collection.    Enjoy another little piece of US!

Halloween 2007
Buddy was a Jedi for the first time!  I think he's got candy stuck in his teeth, not scared!

Spring 2008
It was an exceptionally warm March day, so the Man and I took the boys up to Mammoth Cave National Park near our home in Kentucky for a hike.  We had a really fun time - here Buddy has fallen and scraped his knee.

First Day of Kindergarten 2008
Here is Buddy coming out of school on that very first day ever. 

Winter 2008
LG is bundled up for some outdoor fun in our little snow in Oklahoma.
Spring Break 2009
We took a huge rode trip to see Grandpa and Nana in Arizona.  These are of the cuctus(s) or cucti ? on the hillside. This was my first time seeing them and a small highlight of the trip.

Spring 2009
Buddy caught the foul ball at our local triple A baseball team. Big Night!
Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip 2009
Here the boys are riding a friends little John Deere gator in the campground in Kentucky.

Fall 2009
Some random and blurry close up of LG. I have no idea when or where this was taken.

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009
Grandpa and Nana were here and we took the RV back to Kentucky to visit all the family.  Here the boys are having a big time wrestling in the RV.

Spring Break 2010
LG in the window of our hotel room somewhere in Arkansas.  The lightning in the photo is horrible, I was still learning the new camera.

Spring 2010
New Baby, Babe!

Summer 2010
The boys playing and digging out on the delta in Washington with Uncle J.

I can't believe how much the boys have grown and changed and well, M.E. too.  Lots of things have happened since starting the blog and I'm sure they will continue to change. 

A favorite quote:
"You know what's weird, day to day nothing seems to change but pretty soon everything is different"
- Calvin and Hobbes.

Happy 500!
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  1. I'm in. Nice pics


  2. Thanks, as always, for sharing! Miss you!! Angie A from KY

  3. Great pictures.

    Aunt Cream

  4. Enjoy reading your blog!! Congrats on 500!!

  5. woohoo! count me in. love everything.

  6. I am always know I love reading and "seeing" you all in post and and miss ya

  7. I dont need the Target gift card - I just want to tell you that you are such a super-mom! I mean, who has time to blog with three kids?!?! You are awesome! I love the pics and love your fam!
    Love, Katie B.