Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of preSchool - preK

Today was LGs big day.  He really wasn't too excited.  He has been very wishy-washy about whether or not he likes school.  I think its more about not wanting to take a bath, brush his teeth and get out the door, more than not liking school, because as soon as we get there he is so excited.

This morning was no except and we were late because he didn't want to get in the van and buckled up. 

But once there, he was excited and his best friend from last year was in the parking lot at the same time.
I managed very few pics today.  But at least I got the big your "First Day of PreSchool" one.   He is growing too fast.

His best friend from last year.  Aren't they adorable.

Although his friend isn't looking, I love the expression on LGs face.  So HIM! 

Babe and I would try to run some errands while it was just the two of us. 
First stop the AT&T store. I loathe this place because there is always 15 people needing help and like one employee working. ugh!  But I had to go because my current phone battery will only stay charged for about an 8 minute phone call.  Its driving M.E. crazy trying to have a conversation with anyone.  So found out that they don't carry phone batteries. hmmm!  But they quoted a new one at more than the phone was worth, so I opted for a new phone.  Its been order and will be here in a week or so.   YAY!  I'm excited.  More on this later.

Then we headed to Walmart for some much needed supplies.  #1 a plunger. Buddy clogged the toilet.  I don't know the details - even if I did I wouldn't share them, but I've got to take care of it today. YUCK!

So during all these errands, Babe did fine, except in the van.  He screamed the entire time to and from our destinations.  I think he wasn't liking not seeing the boys.  Normally from his seat he can see both Buddy and LG, so today with neither of them in the car  - he wasn't happy.  Or maybe he's just cranky. Who knows!

So if has begun. SCHOOL!  wow!

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  1. OK -- it's totally amazing how much older LG looks! I don't know if it's the haircut or if he's lost he's baby cheeks. Kathy