Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Got up early this morning as we were greeters at church today!  I got the boys all dolled up in their button-ups tucked in with belts and all. I wished I'd taken a picture.  They were soooo handsome.  Everyone ooohed and ahhhed at them as they held the doors open and it was too cute hearing LG say good mornin' to everyone. 

After church we headed out to eat with Zkid and his family. Some yummy mexican. 
Then we came home for some football and down time before any festivities. 

I managed to get a few more pumpkins for us to carve and about 5:30 we headed out to the driveway to carve pumpkins and wait for trick o treaters.

The Man acted like he didn't want to be involved in the whole pumpkin carving mess, but he loved every second of it.

He assisted LG carving his little pumpkin.

I think they really enjoyed carving pumpkins and the weather was perfect.

Buddy takes his carving very seriously.

LG and his little pumpkin.

He said it was Mater the Pumpkin because it had two big teeth like Mater (from Cars the movie).  Too cute!

Babe was pretty content to hang out.

Buddy did the sketching and carving of his pumpkin completely on his own.  I think it turned out fabulous and its so cool that his can do things like this on his own. I love it so much. He's alittle bit artistic.

All our pumpkins.  I'm really glad I got a pic in the light, because the dark pictures weren't very good.

Close up: from the left - my pumpkin  (it wouldn't stand on its bottom, so I had to carve it with the steam as a nose - and I wanted it to look angry but it turned out looking asian), next is Buddy's wonderful pumpkin, then LG's little Mater Pumpkin.

Buddy started carving the other side of this, but decided he didn't want to finish it, so I turned it around and carved WKU into it.  I'm planning on sending this picture in to the Spirit Magazine and see if it can't get published.   The tiny pumpkin on the right is Babe's pumpkin.  LG totally wanted to carve it and he couldn't understand  that it wasn't hollow. 

So after pumpkin carving and cleaning up our mess we got our candy ready for trick o treaters.  The boys had went to trunk o treat on Wednesday so M.E. and the Man thought it was best to have them hand out candy again this year.  And you know what it was great.  They had a really good time seeing the kids all dressed up and giving to our community.  Its not like they need more candy or even that experience of going from house to house when those houses are strangers.  And the best part, they never once complained.  They were too excited for the next group to come.

Some of our first trick o treaters. It was already getting dark so the pic is blurry. 

We would have waves of kids from about 6:30 to 7:30.  At some points we had more than 20 kids in our driveway it was so fun.  

By 7:50 we were out of the 10 pounds of candy I got and we had a grand total of 165 trick o treaters. And it was a wonderful evening.  

Our only surprise was the lack of Star Wars costumes.  We only had one Yoda all night and that was it. Unbelievable for us.  Lots of princesses and scary guys, ninjas and football players.  The best of the evening was a teenager dressed up like a Christmas Reindeer.  It was awesome and very original. 

Happy Halloween!

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