Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday full of Sports

Today was a full day of activities and we are all tired for it.
First we had a soccer game.  We really didn't have much of a practice this week, everyone was going in a million directions and it really showed on the field today.
The boys just weren't in sync today.
Here's Buddy going for a ball.

The first half of the game Buddy scored a couple of goals, then he wound up at goalie the second half . 

Mike, Zkid, and Buddy - these three are peas in a pod. I love the toothless smiles. 

The team wound up losing 7 - 4.  I think its only our second lose all season, but it was deserved as the boys just couldn't make anything happen. Better luck next Saturday.  At least they had fun.

Went straight from soccer to a make-up football game.  Where we again couldn't make anything happen. I'm beginning to think the sugar overload from yesterday's class parties has made all the boys sluggish and not themselves.

Here Buddy gets a hand off - then he would drop it.

But he wasn't the only one.  I was so excited to take pictures of the team in the day light only to have them to only get a few good plays going.  Lots and lots of dropped balls and incomplete passes.

Buddy in the middle running for a kickoff.
We 'd scored one touchdown.

Coach doing some coaching to Buddy.

Buddy running for a flag. I think he got a couple.

LG doing his own thing. I know he has to get bored sometimes at all the games.

Buddy leaving the field. 

We won 6 - 0.  They got close to scoring a few times, but we managed to hold them.  Hopefully this week will be a little better, they really struggled on the field today.

After the game, we rushed home for a snack and rest before heading out to a soccer party.  Didn't get any pics, because it was dark and I was tired, but we had a really good time. The weather was perfect and we had a nice time visiting with everyone.  Although Babe was ready to go to bed and got a little fussy toward the end so we had to take off alittle early and get to bed. 

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