Tuesday, November 2, 2010

6 Month Milestone!

Babe is nearly 6 and half months and getting such a personality and learning new tricks.
Like grabbing everything.  I can't carry him around doing chores anymore, because he grabs ahold of things and takes things out of my hands. Its so funny and he is so curious about everything.  People are always commenting on how good his is and how happy and that he is - when people are paying attention to him or he can see his brothers - otherwise he's not happy.

He's really getting into his solid foods and loving his veggie puffs and I think sweet potatoes are his favorite.

He's continuing to surprise M.E. with 5 hours of straight sleep - I've just got to learn to go to bed with him.

But last night after Buddy's football, which was awesome by the way we won 24 - 0.  The team had it going on. An interception for a touchdown, completed passes, you name it.  The other team never even got a first down. I kind of felt bad for them.

Anyhow, after we got home and Babe had eaten and ready for bed, Buddy wanted M.E. to put Babe in the floor so he could play with him.  And this is what happened.

He sat up! All on his own.

Buddy made should he was steady and then would let go.

Buddy was SO happy.  He was so excited.  Babe really didn't realize he was sitting up, I don't think. 

Buddy was quick to catch him, when he fell over.

He sat up for several minutes at a time and Buddy had so much fun with him.  He's been waiting since the day he was born to play with him and now those days are getting closer and closer.

LG really didn't think it was all that cool after the first 30 seconds. 

I can't believe its happening so fast.  Sitting up, really?
Must be the camo pajamas. 

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