Friday, November 5, 2010


Well, here's the deal. A friend invited Buddy to go to a wrestling practice. Yes Wrestling! And because it was at 5:30, I had all the boys with ME. Immediately the coach took Buddy and LG. I explained LG was just a sibling and he said, I think he can do it. OMG!
So off they go with about 20 other kids from 3 - 15 years old.

And guess what? They both loved it. All I had was my phone so these pics are really blurry. LG. Has on red and Buddy gray with blue shorts.

Here LG practices walking on his knees and honestly he was much better than I thought he could be.

Here's Buddy doing the same thing. He was so focused.
It is unbelievable how neither of them had any idea what wrestling really is or how to do it, but they both totally took to it. I mean, they are sloppy and really don't know the technique but they tried hard and listened well.

After the workout and drills they got to do sumo. Two boys face off and just simple try to push each other out of the circle.
The very first up was LG because the coach learned his name quickly and called him out. Remember several kids had been here last week and this was LG first time ever.
He steps into the circle, the coach tells him to push the other kid out of the circle and say go.
LG pushes him out.
Another faces him and he pushes him out.

Then another. He'd stay in the circle until the fourth boy who was a foot taller than him. Everybody cheered and clapped for him, but for those off you who know LG this didn't sit well and he dropped his head. The coach told him he was done and he started to cry. Several of the big kids including Buddy came to him and offer support, but his was upset.
After a few more kids it was Buddy's turn and he got to face off three times before losing on the third. The coach said to him, wrestling SHOES will help you alot because you are stout. He was doing all this socks because I didn't want to spend the money.
Looks like I will be spending money now. They both loved it.

In the van on the way home I asked LG what he thought about wrestling and being on a team for the first time and his response,
Can't argue with that.
We can practice for two weeks before we commit so we'll see what blossoms. I'm definitely taking my camera next week.

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  1. Way to go LG and proud of you both will keep getting better each time you practice.....*clap...clap*