Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buddy and Babe

Today after school we headed to the library.  I like getting into the routine of going to the library once a week.  As of now, Buddy has his very own library card illustrated by a local artist. Its pretty cool. LG usually just gets a movie and one book. Although he loves books, he gets excited being at the library and can't patiently pick out a book. Although with the weather getting colder, we will be spending our afternoon's waiting for Buddy to get out of school, reading. Love it.

So after we got home, Buddy sits down to read and along comes Babe - who is army crawling on this tummy. 
 Babe wants to see his book. And yes that is a piece of bread under my couch. OMG!

 Buddy loves Babe so much!
 Babe seriously wants the book.

 Buddy distracts him with some tickling.
Babe loves this and is laughing all the time now. 

Totally loving moments like these.

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