Sunday, November 7, 2010

Duck Scouting

So the Man wanted to spend the afternoon driving west on a duck reconnaissance mission. Rumor has it there is little to no water in the ponds therefore there's little to no ducks around and duck season opens in a week.
So after church we headed west. And to ME is seems it wasn't just a rumor, there was little to no water and the same for ducks. I saw a few here and there but no flocks. The Man is optimistic because where there was water there were a stray duck or two. I was mostly excited about our dinner destination - POPS.
We went here last year on Grandpas birthday drive down to Oklahoma City and it's a pretty cool place. And as luck would have it I forgot my camera. Ugh!!
iPhone to the rescue.

The side view of POPS, a gas station/diner/soda fountain. They have 500 different bottled sodas in this place.

Front view- the entire front is glass shelving that holds soda bottles.

They are color coordinated so it's really pretty.

The sodas are imported from all over the world. It's pretty amazing.
We had a late lunch.

The boys all had various root beers with our burgers and chili cheese fries which they thought was fabulous.

It was a pretty nice day. A happy family Sunday.

Giant soda bottle outside.

PS. It's Uncle J birthday today. Happy Birthday, we love and miss you!

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  1. That is a pretty fun stop! I've tried Watermellon soda! YUM! Skip the Sasparilla though! YUCK! The kids found a blue raspsberry one they like!