Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Monday

The boys get an extra day off for Easter going to a Catholic school. I really like it as well. With Grandpa and Nana here we decided to do something special.

The Easter Bunny not only brought water guns but also a member to the local aquarium. LG has really been into fish lately, so he was thrilled.
Here LG and Babe watch the stingrays in the big tank.

I splurged and let them buy some food to feed the sting rays. It was pretty cool and Buddy had a really good time too. At one point I overheard him telling LG, "this is so fun, isn't it?"

Buddy really wanted a pic of this parrot fish, so here you go Buddy!

Here's Buddy in front of the turtle tank. I didn't have my big camera, so the pic didn't turn out very good. I will try to do better with photo taking and blogging, but it ebbs and flows around here.

Happy Day and Stay safe with all the bad weather.

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