Thursday, April 28, 2011

While I have help....

I have gotten into the redecorating mode. And its about time because we've been here nearly three years and I've lived with some pretty awful colors in my house.
And with Babe going to his big boy bed, we had to make the middle room/scrapbook room/computer room/extra tv room, more officially Buddy's. So we emptied it and painted and re purposed furniture from other areas of the house for him.

He picked out the blue and its not as bright as in the photos, but its nice. Not my choice but its okay. We still need to get a shelf for his trophies. The window sill is not a good place for them.

And we've yet to get his pictures and posters up on the walls.

He will eventually get his own comforter instead of this cool retro quilt from Gramma.. The daily use worries M.E. don't want it to get too worn out.
He seems pretty happy with his own room and has been doing his homework in there and playing by himself with his legos. I really just can't believe how big his is. Having his own room makes him seem so much older, not sure I like that.

More redecorating is in the works. As I type, Grandpa is finishing up my paint job in our bedroom with a second coat of paint. Its hard to cover eggplant colored walls. ugh! I'm most pics soon!


  1. Tell Buddy I love his room and trophies....

  2. That looks great! Kathy