Monday, May 2, 2011

Attention - Art World

Every year Buddy creates a sculpture in his art class and last Friday his third work in the series came home carefully wrapped in paper.
First let ME say that I love the fact that he has art once/twice a week. Second he is crafty and I love all the things he makes and brings home. Third, I love his sculptures - they are simply amazing to ME.

Let ME present his kindergarten creation

The Scarecrow
A very careful sculpted top half of a scarecrow. Complete with a face, wonderfully large hat and curly arms. Very imaginative.

Let ME present his 1st Grade creation.

The Leopard
A very detailed scaled down sculpture of one amazing cat. He very painstakingly created a fur-like texture all over his body to make him appear more life like.

Now I present his 2nd grade creation.

The Football Player
He created a man of mis-portion but gave him life-like features of a face and hair. He wears the number 10 and even carries a football (picture below) complete with laces.

He was not as happy this year with his work as in years past but he has a lot more on his mind these days.
Nonetheless, I love them all as any art lover would. And look forward to many more sculptures and masterpieces.

What do you think?

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