Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd Grade Baseball

So yesterday after school, the kids wanted to play on the playground and I mentioned that Buddy should probably go home and prepare for his game tonight. He reply, "I thought too much about the last game and only hit it to the pitcher's mound. I'm not thinking anything about tonight's game."
So true, last game Grandpa and Nana were watching and he tried "too" hard to get a homerun that he had trouble making contact with the ball.
Tonight, he was just gonna have fun and see what happen.

I don't have any good pics of him at bat because of where I was sitting. I'll try to get some next game.
Tonight he was last in the line up, The Man/Couch decided to switch things up. His first at bat didn't come until the 2nd inning. First batter gets on base, 2nd strikes out, 3rd batter pop-fly for an out, 4th batter on base, 5th batter on base. Now Buddy gets up with a runner at 1st and 3rd and 2 outs.
One pitch, two pitches, third pitch his smacks it to left field and it goes bouncing out into the field. He rounds third for home and easily makes it in for at homeroom.

I love this pic, because he pretends to be looking in the dugout but is really watching the guy on 2nd.
His 2nd at bat, he manages to get to the plate with one out and bases loaded. No pressure. And he smacks the ball again this time in center field and hustles around the bases for a GRAND SLAM! This ties us 10 -10 as we go into the fourth. I'm nervous.

His third at bat comes in the 5th inning. We are leading by four, if we can score three more runs, we've got them and the game is over (6 run limit per inning).
1st batter gets on base. Buddy gets up and hits a good hit to left field but it gets stopped before bouncing into the outfield, he gets on base. 3rd batter gets on base, and the 4th batter bats him home. We score 3 runs and win the game 19- 12. It was a close one and a good one. Whew!
2nd grade baseball is fun!

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