Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 3

I didn't manage many pictures yesterday. Fridays are typically like that.
First things first - breakfast. I've been experimenting with make homemade whole wheat pancakes. Today, I tried yet another recipe to see what we like best.

Babe loves pancakes, but these didn't go over well. They turned out really dense and the nutmeg and vanilla were too strong. Babe managed one and half before throwing it all to the floor.
After breakfast and some laundry, house cleaning, etc, LG and I decided to do some exercising via the Wii - Just Dance 2.

Its pretty fun and I definitely burned some calories, now only if I could do this everyday.

I had to hustle to get my ducks in a row for a busy afternoon. Buddy had a sleep over planned and I had to do a scrapbooking workshop with the girlscouts. So the Man came to school and got the big boys and took them to the aquarium. (thanks again Easter bunny for the membership)

I love scrapbooking and sharing that love with others, especially happy little girls. It was so much fun making little albums with them.

Meanwhile, I had D with ME to watch Babe.

She is such a big help to ME and Babe loves her so much.

After this, we would order pizza and watch movies with Buddy's guest. I didn't manage pics, not sure what happened there, but they had fun.

We put them in bed at 9 and they giggled until 10. It was pretty funny! Its a whole new world with an 8 year old.

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