Monday, May 23, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 5

I rarely manage to get a pic of us dressed up, as I'm always rushing and going and trying to keep everyone clean, but I made a point today to get a shot of us in our Sunday clothes right after church.

How sweet is Babe with his cute little smile! Love it.
After church I had a luncheon hosted by the church's activity committee to help with planning events and services for our church this coming year. It was really good and I was glad to be there.
Meanwhile the Man took the boys to a minor league baseball game in town. Most of LG's team was going to be there and they were getting to go down on the field with the big players and catch balls, etc. I wouldn't make it to the game until the fourth inning and was Babe ever happy to see ME. It was very hot, 91 degrees and they were about done. We would leave after the 6th inning, right after this pic. they said they had fun.
Back at home the Man would grill steak which was very yummy and the boys geared up for a water fight.

Don't want to see the water bill this month, but they had fun.

LG is hilarious. I don't think the Man and I have laughed so hard in a long time. Once Buddy got the hose, LG grabbed a bucket and would fill it up and try to dump it on Buddy. More than once, he missed Buddy when tossing his water and more than once, he dropped the bucket spilling it before he got to Buddy.

It was really fun for them and fun to watch. Even Babe was squealing!

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