Monday, November 26, 2012

Bitten by the Apple Bug

We are now the proud owners of an Apple iMac.  
I can hardly believe it. It is not brand new, but close to it. We have a good friend at school who loves technology and he was able to get this used iMac for us at a great price and he cleaned it up and installed a lot of cool stuff including some movies for the boys.  

This computer is amazing but as I've yet to learn how to use it. I've never used a Mac before and its set up and function are totally different from a PC.  But I'm learning, slowly. Buddy and LG use Macs at school and currently know more than I do. Reality Check! 

Anyhow, so the last couple of nights, they've piled on the couch just like this for movie night on the computer.  Its so cute.   Thanks Mike for the computer!

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  1. Jealous...but happy for and miss you all