Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hiking on the Farm

Aunt Cream and Sman love to hike in the winter time.  I can't say that I blame them, we love it too. The views are great with no leaves on and there's no chance of a snake bite. So Friday, we had had our fill of Thanksgiving dinner times 2, and headed across the creek for a big hike.
 We parked at the northend of the big hill and hiked all the way around the backside, ending up on the ridge about midway, then we hiked across the ridge to the "we were here" and then went straight down.
 It was so fun for the boys to run and play and hike with Sman and Miss Mo.
 How handsome is this guy.  He said to M.E. at the end, "I want to live near the woods."  
M.E. too, Buddy, M.E. too!
 At the summit, the group shot. 
 The descent down was steep and funny as we were all sliding and practically running down the hill.
 All smiles as we loaded up in the truck to head back to the house.
the Man and M.E.  
We miss the farm!

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