Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update on Babe

Life really hasn't slowed down much since the burn, but things are okay.

On Saturday, he got a visit from his preschool teachers.  They are such darlings for coming over to visit.  They brought him a big balloon and cookies and he kept asking, "is it my birthday?".  So funny. He has no idea how badly he was hurt or the consequences.  He just goes right on. 

On Monday, we saw the doctor again and there were three little spots about a half centimeter each that have worsen -- the doctor considered to be 3rd degree. If there is any scarring, these will be the spots.  However, they are small and everything should heal fine.   The back of his hand looked worse as well as it has now all busted open and exposed 2nd degree.

With that said, the sides of his arm were already growing new skin. woohoo!

 He has enjoyed his sink baths and when I lay him on the counter to wash his hair.  He says, Lets get a hair cut.  It reminds him of going to Dana's. She has spoilt all my boys by washing their hair before cuts. 

On Tuesday, he began itching.  Good sign of healing, but bad for Babe.   The Man and I were up most of the night, well mostly M.E., having to physically restrain Babe from ripping off his bandages to scratch his new baby skin.

I was on the phone with the burn center (once at 4 AM and again at 9 AM) because it wasn't going to well. He was screaming from the itching and I had no idea what to do. Finally the later phone called got M.E. a great nurse, who told M.E. to unwrap it, put lotion on the new skin, rewrap and give him a dose of Benedryl.  Done. and it helped so much. He actually slept yesterday from 9 AM to 11:30.

I wound up unwrapping applying lotion and rewrapping 4 times yesterday. From the elbow to about an one and half inches from the wrist (the size of my hand), there is a brand new complete layer of skin.  And I can see why it was itching him, because when I put lotion on it felt like sandpaper. Poor guy.  With the bandages still on and the healing pad, it just doesn't get any air or moisture.

And it was another long night last night.  Even with pain medicine and Benedryl, he itched and dug at his bandages.  The Man and I switched off and on last night to keep him from ripping them off and I managed a few hours of sleep. The Man too!

It will likely be another long day today. We see the doctor tomorrow and the skin on his hand should be healed enough to expose some of the arm - if not all- and it won't be so itchy.

Other than that we are great.  He has received lot of cards and visitors.  I think we are on our third batch of chocolate chip cookies.  You know, I'm not complaining about that.

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes, prayers and thoughts.  We are truly blessed it wasn't worse and that the recovery is going quickly.

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