Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baseball Championship

So after we warmed up on Saturday, we had the championship game on Sunday! 

Let M.E. just say. What. A. Game!

I missed the first inning, that'll be another post. End of first we were up 4 to 2. 
So in the top of the 2nd we hold them to zero runs. Then we get up and score 1 - going up 5 to 2. 

In the top of the third we managed 2 outs right away then walks and a hit to load the bases.  Yikes. We were all so nervous, but then strike 3 and all runners were stranded.  Yay! 

Bottom of the third, we managed one run. Going up 6 - 2.  
 Buddy is swinging this season and its wonderful.  He actually managed to hit one on the ground up the gut, but got out a 1st. He was extremely upset with himself, but it was the best contact he's made with the ball all year.  He's been getting under the ball for pop flies. 
 Top of the fourth they managed two more runs to go to 6 - 4.  In the bottom, they hold us to no runs. Yikes.  We go into the fifth and final inning we need to hold them.

We immediately get an out - pictured above of Buddy playing first. There's a walk, runner steals 2nd. Then another walk runners at 2nd and 1st.  Then an out. 

So we have 2 outs, tying run on 2nd. 
There was a drop ball on 3rd strike, player tries to steal 1st. Catcher throws to Buddy it goes over his head and glove by about 3 inches.  Right field doesn't back him up, so he has to chase the ball down and runner at 3rd scores.  

Buddy is upset. Very upset.
There's a walk and bases are load. 
Buddy's trying to pull himself together and get back in the game. 
Tying run at 3rd with 2 outs. Little dribble up the baseline.  Buddy fields it tags the bag - game over. We win 6 -5. 

 Post game waiting for trophies. 

Tournament Winners! Go Indians Go! 

Buddy and Benzo having a little fun with their trophies. 

I love baseball! 

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