Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's COLD!

Friday night was the beginning of a weekend long baseball tournament.  We were pretty excited, but the weather was not great.  At game time it was blowing 15 with gust to 30mph. And it was cold.

I didn't stay but about an hour. I went to see Jewel with the Lewallens. I was glad I got to leave.

On Saturday, the weather wasn't much improved, so when the Man and Buddy got home, it was time for hot chocolate.

 Yummy.  The baseball team won both games Friday night and again on Saturday.  Buddy even got to pitch.  Wow! 

 Babe loved the hot chocolate. I don't think he had every had any before.  
His arms is healing, but we are having to keep it wrapped so he doesn't scratch it.  He's really bad about  that.  
Who knew we would be drinking hot chocolate in Oklahoma in the month of May. Seriously?

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