Monday, May 6, 2013

One Room Schoolhouse

Last week Buddy's class continued their study of Oklahoma State history by taking a field trip to a One Room Schoolhouse at Rose Hill.
The weather was perfect and the day gorgeous. I was blessed Babe was well enough for school, so I could attend.  I told a couple people that my church back home looks similar to this, only a little bigger and they didn't understand M.E. I was like when I go to church in KY its in a building just like this.  Some were shocked. Haha. 

Miss Rupp was great. Very strict and thorough.  She was in character the entire time and really taught the kiddos what school would have been like back then in 1910. 

 There's Buddy in his overalls. He looked so handsome with his straw hat. 

 He normally doesn't like getting his picture took, but he was so happy and having fun.  I just love his expression. 
They practiced handwriting with ink wells and blotting paper. They practiced math on chalkboards and then at the end of the day they had a spelling bee.  Buddy had to sit down after misspelling "alfalfa" (he added a 'ph' to it) 

Here he is at lunch.  I love the gaggle of girls in the back all huddled up. 
They had such a wonderful experience and fantastic day. 

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